Burning out from too much passion is not uncommon. It makes many experts feel stuck, trapped, exhausted, insecure and hopeless and look for quick fixes to keep going. But quick fixes are what they promise and you can’t create long-term results with a short-term vision.


You know the quick fixes. They may be on your desk right now... 

✘  A hot cup of coffee to pick you up.

✘  A sweet soft drink for a sugar rush.

✘  A box of fine Belgium chocolates to cut the stress.

✘  A pill for your next headache, a pill to keep the edge off, a pill to get focus.

✘  A supplement for a kick of energy, one for extra proteins, one for more vitamins and minerals.


But how do they make you feel on the long run, when they are not enough anymore to keep you going? When they stick to your waist, belly, hips?