Pasta Presto


After a busy day, you want to wave a quick dish that everyone loves. Pasta is the perfect instant dinner for those moments. Unfortunately, pasta as you know it doesn’t offer the nutritional value that your body is longing for after a long day. The gluten make you crash in your couch after the last bite, the carbohydrates are being transferred into sugars, the sauce that you pulled out of a jar on the shelve is only delivering empty calories that stick to your belly and hips.


It doesn’t have to be that way. What you want when you come home is energy to do the things you love doing. Living, plant-based food is giving you everything you need to fully enjoy life. You don’t have to miss anything, au the contrary! Your reward is on its way with every bite you take: good mood, a young skin, kicking energy. The scale is smiling at you, your day feels lighter, you are getting more done in less time. 


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or time consuming at all. Yet, this is the combination and perception that scares most people off to choose for making fresh, energizing choices.  You can start today and give yourself a treat with this delicious raw pesto pasta. Ready in ten minutes, a delight for the eye and a pleasure on your tongue with a boost of energy for an animated evening on top. 




  • A potato peeler
  • A food processor




  • 1 medium zucchini per person




  • Peel the zucchini
  • Now continue “peeling” while you are turning the zucchini around
  • You will create lovely “linguini” pasta with this technique
  • When you get to the seed core, stop and use the heart in a soup or sauce 
  • Your linguini is ready: set aside




  • 1 C of fresh basil (firmly packed)
  • ¼ C macadamia nuts of pine tree nuts
  • 3 TBSP organic, cold pressed virgin olive oil
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • 1 red jalapeño pepper(keep this aside as garnish)




  • Dice the red hot pepper very finely and set aside
  • Throw the other ingredients in your food processor and pulse until the scents enchant you and the texture pleases you 
  • Mix the pesto right before serving with the vegetable linguini
  • Flatter this goodness on a beautiful plate
  • Sprinkle the tiny hot pepper pieces on top and serve 





  • When you are serving, you can finish like a real Italian: drizzle some more olive oil on top with flair
  • You can replace the basil by other greens: dandelion, arugula, …
  • This pasta is easy to digest and keeps your tummy light and flat
  • Only mix sauces under zucchini right before serving to avoid watery effects
  • Leftovers keep well in the fridge for days and are a delish in salads or wraps


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