I GOT SICK. Paralyzed with 6 diseases.


I wrote a book with one finger. Not a jolly one.


I studied and became a certified raw food coach, I started a new business when I had past my fifties and lost my job in fashion, studied plant-based food, the body’s secrets, body-mind connections. I studied marketing, mindset, business systems, traveled across the ocean to indulge new knowledge and grow as a person.

I wrote another book. With ten fingers. Plant-based. Monthly recipes for magazines in Belgium and the USA. 


Hm, it’s time to start publishing and become a published author. 

I’m speaking and I love it. I’m ready for the stage, big stages. Maybe your stage, your event. I’m ready. 

In short… I’m a creator "pure sang."

The creator of my new life. I love what I do and only do what I love doing.