Lime Mousse


A quick fix dessert is always welcome in the busy life of an entrepreneur. Delight your senses with this fluffy lime mousse in 5 minutes. You can take it to your office, indulge it as a guilt-free snack, share successfully.  




A blender


INGREDIENTS (serves 2 to 3)


1 ripe avocado

Juice of 2 limes (to taste and depending how juicy they are)

¼ C of agave nectar

A sprig of mint leafs in summer

A dash of fine sea salt (optional)





Blend until smooth

Plate a lovely quenelle with 2 spoons

Grate some (organic only) lime zest on top

Top off with mint





This lime mousse keeps well for several days in the fridge

A lovely treat for any moment of the day

Easy to take and share