I studied plants since childhood, music was my first love, writing my passion. I studied guitar and wrote hundreds of songs. 

I studied remedial education, worked for 6 years in psychiatry, I helped children and young adults in need.

I studied art crafts, created two wonderful children, studied haute-couture, designed and made countless pieces, I was intrigued by the expression of fashion, the texture and feel of a fabric. I designed my own fabrics, spun silk, wove. I loved wood. I designed and made our own furniture.

I was a freelance writer for “Marie-Claire”. 

I started a store to make soft women beautiful, I worked for a fashion brand, I drew collections, styled catalogues in foreign countries, chasing the sun.

I trained and became a pretty good ice dancer.

I was a singer most of my life: a gal with a guitar, in front of jazz groups, in a big band, I studied piano and double bass, became a double bass player in a big band. 

I raised my children. After a while, alone. They are happy with their loved ones.

I became the European Coordinator for The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, I toured. I wrote a novella.