Dried Fruits


An ideal snack for little dips! But what’s more: so simple and easy to make. Just fill up your dehydrator with thinly sliced ripe fruits of the season and dry them all the way. Store them in dry containers, take them on your trips, in your car, have a box in your office drawer. 




  • Just fruit, any fruit you like!
  • Slice up mango’s, Sharon fruit, kiwi’s, banana’s, oranges, apples,… 
  • Place them on a dehydrator mesh sheet
  • Dry overnight until all the juice has evaporated
  • Enjoy chewing




  • This is an ideal way to process fruits that are overripe
  • Easy to take with you, even in a small purse or bag
  • Use fruits when they are in the season for cheap treats 
  • Make enough: they go fast