Energy For Experts™ is not about a diet. Marie-Claire Hermans takes a stand for busy professionals to help them achieve a vibrant, radiant, happy and healthy lifestyle, despite their hectic schedule. "The world needs more healthy leaders," she states in every speech she gives. "So that's what we do: we create them."

 Here are a few first bites of our philosophy, values and tactics we cherish.



We respect life. The life that surrounds us in all its forms, the life of others, the life in our food, the life we want to live so eagerly, your life.

No judgment around here: we start where you are right now and lead you towards your goals. We teach, train, inspire and empower you to get better in respecting your life and living it to its full potential. 



This is not a diet. Your success of a long life full of health & energy is: making it a vision and lifestyle to eat, think and act healthy. We think long term. How you eat, think and act is how you will live.

It starts with food, but even more life changing is the paradigm shift that will settle gently in your consciousness and that will brighten up your mind and spirit. It's time for you to live your ideal lifestyle!



Plant foods are foods in their natural, uncooked form and a tool to break the endless cycles of taxing habits. Living plant foods are foods that have been activated to awaken their life force: enzymes.

Enzymes are health, energy, beauty, movement, life. As soon as you indulge true life force from living plant food sources, you’ll feel charged with life force too. That aliveness is what you can bring to your life.



Taking charge of your health doesn’t stop with a clean plate and a lean body. It’s also about removing what’s bugging you: tiring toxins, heavy metals, acid waste, taxing habits, limiting beliefs, an old mindset.

It's about removing what’s holding you back in life. About clearing the decks for bigger things that you feel bubbling in your chest.



Taking care of your self activates love for yourself. You’re about to build a new relationship with your food. But most of all: with you. Food is about nourishing yourself, creating emotional freedom, supporting your ambitions and activating your full potential for happiness.

We love you. We care for your desire to live your ideal day, every day.