A business plan for your health


A doable plan with a purpose.

A new vision that includes you and your wellbeing in the first place. 

Strategies to kick start your health and cash the first results.

Inspiring support systems that got your back.

Resources that you can always return to.

A database of exciting knowledge, wisdom, tools, tactics, techniques.

Smart organization for busy schedules

Time saving shortcuts to success


Energy coordinates all aspects in life. This is why I don’t believe in diets: they only focus on food, on calorie intake, the number on your scale. We want so much more for you! A kickass relationship with your food, your work, your life and yourself.



If you were waiting for next Monday, for the end of a launch or the closure of your next event to start taking care of yourself, you may never start. There’s always a next big thing in the life of an entrepreneur. There’s no “right time” to get your optimal health started. Your time is now. 


Now is the right time to review your diet, create healthy habits and make the changes you need to restore, rejuvenate and recharge yourself fully. 


If you fantasize hourly about curling up under your desk for a cat nap, or find that your brain is foggier than the Golden Gate Bridge at rush hour, I have some good news and bad news for you.