There’s no better way to get a taste of your new cuisine and lifestyle than with me personally in a live setting. This private 1-day intensive in my home is the ideal way to create a new mindset that supports your decisions and to get inspired by the food of the future: pure, plant based food. 

I created 2 options so you can fully enjoy the luxury of my full attention and delicious food; 

1.hands on crash-course: "sharpen (the saw)"

Before we get together, we define what the gap is that we need to fill in to create a free flow in your healthy habits. We sharpen the saw, enrich your skill set with new techniques, practical know-how, full tasting experience included.

I can't wait to immerse you in a new culinary world and uncover my secrets, surprisingly delicious dishes and unknown possibilities that will bring a new dimension to your energy, your health, work and life. We'll work around the theme that speaks most to you and that will deliver you a busy-proof plan that works in the daily life of your business.

2.custom made: "SWITCH"

Sometimes you need more than a crash-course in skills; you need specific solutions to a specific problem or issue that keeps you from getting results. Call it a "makeover" if you wish. A custom made "VIP Intensive" aims on bringing 1 solution to your most pinching problem in 1 day, so that you can find your switch and turn it on. You'll walk home with the plan that you can work with the least amount of effort for maximum results. 

This formula requires your willingness to go on a deep-diving adventure. But no worries, I got your back!


A private one on one intensive is the ideal way to

  • start your private coaching program so that you can take off with a blast
  • complement your private coaching with specific focus to deepen your experience or/and dig into the new potential you want to express

Does this luxury experience speak to you? Fill in the short application form and apply for a free decision-making session and soon we'll discuss what works best for you.

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I’m simply astonished what is possible to create, using raw principles.
— Katy Caroan