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A weekend with me in my energy cuisine gives you the opportunity to be immersed and get inaugurated in the mindset and all the secrets of the art of cooking without fire. We start with an aperitif “new style” to introduce you to a world of new tastes and take it up to a full gourmet experience. 

Especially when you’re living in another country, this weekend will delight you as a welcome pause in your business. Fly in and I'll take care of the rest. As my very special guest, you’ll enjoy your lovely luxurious B&B room that I booked for you. My treat! You’ll get a boost of new knowledge, to the point insights, walk away with your personal plan, but also with a new vision with purpose and my sophisticated secrets that will awaken the creative “cook” in you. 

To find out what will serve you most, we'll first discuss the possibilities and how to make the most impact in our time together in our decision-making session. Here too, you can choose what formula suits you best:

1.hands on theme immersive

2.tailored solution immersive

Apply now if you love the idea of having a short break-away from everything to get inspired and motivated, having the time to deep dive -be it in the energy cuisine, your business potential, mindset or an eclectic mix- and getting to the core of things or just having a inspiring blast and energizing fun.

We appreciate the valuable input you gave to our life during our exciting weekend. We are still working on that scheme and enjoying the benefits.
— Peter Lövgren - CEO - Sweden