During the time you’re transitioning it’s important to give yourself some credit. We eat with our memories, with our emotions. Now we will be reprogramming those, creating new fond memories of luscious food gatherings. But it takes some time to learn, implement and adjust. 

Uncooking is your next glass of wine: it’s relaxing and soothing, calming the spirit in the evening. And yes, we’re keeping it classy and stylish: no mash! The eye wants something too. The taste of unprocessed organic ingredients touches all your senses and will delight you, I promise. 


Here are the ingredients you can create an endless variety of tasty dishes with. 



Fermented foods and beverages



Herbs and spices

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Frozen fruits

Dried fruits

Nuts and seeds



“What? That’s it?” 

Wait a moment. Let me finish.


The plant based kitchen comes with a tool box full of intriguing and interesting techniques that can soften your food, make it look like cooked, twist the taste, warm it up without killing the enzymes, add exquisite flavors you never tasted before. 

You can blend, juice, cut, chop, dehydrate, slightly warm up, marinate, massage, ferment, smoke, and combine each technique to your own imagination. 

This is how you can create the best and healthiest pizzas ever, purely on plant ingredients. Pasta (no not the one you know but even more delicious), lasagna, nori rolls, soups, pâtés, falafels, dressings, ice cream, sorbet ice, chocolate cake, key lime pie, quiche-like tartlets, chocolates, soft mousses, parfaits, desserts that make you wanna lick your fingers, macaroons, lime cookies, chocolate chip cookies, non-alcoholic party cocktails that every-body loves, fancy starters, nut milk, “coffee” that makes you forget about coffee, alive breads, crackers, jams, cheeses, meat-kinda-lika-“steak” for the hardcore meat eater and yes, even hamburgers!


You want to see and taste for yourself what’s possible?