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This month's theme is

HOW TO Master your mind

I strongly believe that 90% of everything we do is mindset: when your mind is set, you'll likely succeed in your intention. The one area where most professionals struggle building that strong mindset though, is their health and wellness, their self-care. If you are challenged by consistency in your wellbeing, your mindset is a link you haven't paid enough attention to. Let's build your mind muscle this month! 

here are the 3 components of this month's theme


course work

Enter, print out your course book and bring it to our masterclass. 



Join our masterclass every first Tuesday of the month. Can't make it? You'll find a recording on this page that you can listen to during the whole month until the next theme shows up. 


COACHING CALLS (for Premium members)

Two ways that you can benefit from these coaching calls: in group and one on one with me personally. Schedule your monthly 50 minute call and mark your calendar for our group chat where you can share your wins and ask your questions.