I did that all for you.

I cut out all the excuses you may come up with by:


creating 5 quick, delicious breakfast drinks for you

delivered day by day for 5 days in an attractive and inspiring way

with a lovely recipe ebook for each day that you can download and print

a general shopping list if you only want to shop once

daily shopping lists included if you like shopping every day


All you need to do is set your intention and timing, shop, open my first video on the morning you start, and shake up your breakfast with me. 

While you’re shaking I’m also giving you some quick background information so you understand why this works. I’m sure you can plan in 6 to 12 minutes in your morning to do this for yourself. 



What’s so cool about these quick breakfast drinks is


once you get the hang, they only take as long as making a cup of coffee

they are soooo easy, delicious and nutritious

they set your day with sustainable energy and a better mood

you can easily take them on the go, in your car, to the office or a meeting