make more money because you can get out of bed earlier? 

✘ eat healthy like a boss, look and feel like a million?

✘ double or triple your energy in less than 1 month?

✘ 10 X your energy in the coming year?

✘ get 3 times more done in a day than in the past?

✘ drop the weight you’ve gained since you started your business?

✘ bring that energy and confidence to your clients and loved ones?

✗ live your ideal lifestyle?





Entrepreneur. Business owner. Professional. Influencer. Coach. Leader. Thought leader. Change maker. Mentor. Expert

How do you power up for a busy day at work? If you’re like most professionals, you hit the coffee hard in the morning, plow through a meal at your desk around midday, and snack on something sweet to get yourself through the homestretch. 

How’s that working for you?   


How successful are you

with your wellbeing?


how we help busy leaders like you

... because your health is your business... and our passion! 

boost your energy & life with a VIP hands-on crash course!

You love the speed of the high way and that's what you get when you immerse yourself in a VIP intensive day or weekend with Marie-Claire. Everything is tailored to your desires, wishes and needs and aimed on letting you walk away with a boost of new know-how and a new health mindset.

build your fit, happy & rich lifestyle with marie-claire

Losing weight and keeping it off for good, reshaping your body and life, changing your old mindset to create new long-lasting results, getting the energy to finally live your ideal lifestyle,... It's so much easier to get what you desire when you get the shortcuts to success and don't have to do it alone.

to be the best, you have to look and feel at your best!

Did you know that a quarter of dieting brides say that their wedding was ruined because they failed to lose enough weight? Are you feeling the pressure of getting on stage because of your excess pounds and fatigue? Are you worrying about how you'll get through your 2, 3 or 4 day event?




Energy For Experts™ is not about a diet. Marie-Claire Hermans takes a stand for busy professionals to help them achieve a vibrant, radiant, happy and healthy lifestyle, despite their hectic schedule. "The world needs more healthy leaders," she states in every speech she gives. "So that's what we do: we create them." Will YOU be one of them?

 Here are a few first bites of our philosophy, values and tactics we cherish.



We respect life. The life that surrounds us in all its forms, the life of others, the life in our food, the life we want to live so eagerly, your life.

No judgment around here: we start where you are right now and lead you towards your goals. We coach, mentor, teach, train, motivate, inspire and empower you to get better in respecting your life and living it to its full potential. 



This is not a diet. Your success of a long life full of health & energy is: making it a vision and lifestyle to eat, think and act healthy with a flow. We think long term. How you eat, think and act is how you will live.

It starts with food, but even more life changing is the paradigm shift that will settle gently in your consciousness and that will brighten up your mind and spirit. It's time for you to live your ideal lifestyle!



Plant foods are foods in their natural, uncooked form and a tool to break the endless cycles of taxing habits. Living plant foods are foods that have been activated to awaken their life force: enzymes.

Enzymes are health, energy, beauty, movement, life. As soon as you indulge true life force from living plant food sources, you’ll feel charged with life force too. That aliveness is what you can bring to your life.



Taking charge of your health doesn’t stop with a clean plate and a lean body. It’s also about removing what’s bugging you: tiring toxins, heavy metals, acid waste, taxing habits, limiting beliefs, an old mindset.

It's about removing what’s holding you back in life. About clearing the decks for bigger things that you feel bubbling in your chest.



Taking care of your self activates love for yourself. You’re about to build a new relationship with your food. But most of all: with you. Food is about nourishing yourself, creating emotional freedom, supporting your ambitions and activating your full potential for happiness.

We love you. We care for your desire to live your ideal day, every day. 


                  HI! I’m Marie-Claire,                    your energy coach & mentor, speaker, author


Hi, I'm marie-claire, Energy expert, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, coach, mentor, mother, woman, thinker, do-er.

I'm excited for what you're going to find here because I’m passionate about helping you max out your energy levels, health, potential, productivity, confidence and happiness so that you can make more impact as a healthy leader, you can become the person you love being the most and live your ideal lifestyle.

I’m really happy you’re here because we’re a lot alike, you and me: we both built a business based on what we love doing with that exquisite talent we own. We both make impact. We both lead by example. But how is your example looking and feeling like? Let’s make it count for those we influence!

So here I am

It took me 5 years and 6 debilitating diseases to learn the most profound lesson from going through the hell of exhaustion:

It all starts with my health, energy and me!

How you feel is how you show up, how you do things. Or not. 

I learned how to be more selfish, make priorities based on what matters most in life; the basics for loving self-care.

Want to know more about how I got here? 


Are your attendees sneaking out with their attention during your events or meetings?

Would you like to build a healthy team?

Do you want to motivate your peeps to become healthy leaders?


Inspire and energize your staff, team, community or event attendees.




“What I learned from talking to Marie-Claire was, that it starts in the head, with the mindset.

I understood quickly that she could help me with my relationship with food and addressing some of the key things that were holding myself back in my business.” 

Katy Caroan


Changing the way you nourish yourself is not about going on a diet. It’s not about counting calories. It’s not about depriving yourself. It’s not about restriction. It’s not about beating yourself up when you cheat.  It's about creating change and living that change.


How you eat / is how you live / is how you eat.


Nourishing yourself is a way of living. Balancing. Finding your passion. Growing. Doing what you love doing. Reconnecting within. Living from abundance. Pursuing happiness. 


Maybe you gave up on believing that it’s possible to burst with energy every day, be fit, look hot and sharp, feel 10 years younger, have clarity, be on top of your game and high in demand. 

Maybe you’ve tried about everything that has crossed your path to look like the image you have in your head, to feel like someone who inspires you, to be as successful as your competitor. 

Maybe you feel like a failure with your health right now because each time, you heard yourself come up with new excuses to dismiss yourself, you sabotaged your success while watching your (non) actions sadly from the sideline, or just gave up on yourself because you talked yourself into the belief system: “I can’t do it. Nothing works for me.”

I’m here to say that all of this… is not your fault. You’re just missing a few essential links that no one taught you before.


Mindset Matters

Don’t you just hate it when you’re ready to rock but the music sucks? Have you been approaching your new intentions with the “same-ole same-ole” mindset? Nothing is easier than starting something new and getting a few first exciting results. Staying successful is a different story. This is why we seal your success with 90% of well skilled mindset, turning you into your own cheerleader. 



Holy Habits

We all have them: habits. They are a keeper, untouchable and oh so comfortable to be around. But how supportive are they in the process of achieving your goals? You can’t create new results when you keep doing the same things. Time to break your own rules! I know it hurts a little; letting go of what feels so soothing. But not for long. I promise. Different, better and more is on its way to you.



“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” You know that better than anyone else and that’s why you have your business all set up with the right “set it and forget it” - systems. It’s no different with your health: with the right systems that stick to your personality you gain precious time, save money, avoid frustration, create an easy flow, and you can fully enjoy the feel of results pouring in.


Amazing Action

Maybe you’ve been putting up a lot of high hopes on getting what you want in life. But –and here comes some tough love- “hope” won’t get you there. Decisive action does. Does it have to be all the way at once? No. A first step will do. Then the next. And the next. You’ll feel amazing when you get the needle moving with doable action steps that fit your schedule.




Looking for inspiration and motivation?


They are easy, fast, fun to make.